What Others Are Saying

“I can’t begin to thank you!  I have been seeking a movement program for our younger adults with special needs for a long time. Our mission statement is “We are in the ‘Smile Business'” to make each day the best ever for the individuals we serve, our fellow employees and outside associates. Let’s just say ”mission accomplished” with Elevate!  Thank you once again, for such a wonderful program that was and is complete with movement, energy, laughter and smiles!”

Laura Spivey
Activities Coordinator, Kaleidoscope Inc.

“I want you to know how much the work that you are doing is appreciated. As the teacher of one of the students that you are mentoring at Chancey Elementary School, I do not often have the opportunity to “see” the impact of your involvement.  However, on conference day, the foster mother of one of the students that you have been working with could not say enough about what you are doing for her son.
As a single mother, her son has no male role models. She went on and on about how grateful she was for you and all you are doing for her “little man.” She had already seen a difference in his attitude at home and said that every Tuesday afternoon he comes home and tells her all about how much fun he has had with you.
It is so easy to lose track of the things that are important. Thank you for keeping this teacher on track by providing me with the reminder that reading and math do occassionally need to come in second to developing character, confidence, and self esteem. I sing your highest praises.”

Katie Everett
Teacher, Chancey Elementary

“Elevate’s ability to adapt to any group is pure beauty and their ability to educate at the same time is a gift to all those they come in contact with.  When an organization can build a program around the demands of a “mobile camp,” you know they are talented, when they can do this and still have impact on every kid they met, you know they have a gift. I  feel truly honored to know that Logan chose to be a part of our program this year and completely grateful that he allowed us to be associate with Elevate Recreation.”
Caroline Baumis
Executive Director, Camp TLC

“Included in the children’s daily routine at camp were games and activities with Logan. This time in their day, they got to just be kids, forget about their worries or what’s going on at home, and just simply have fun.  And what a world of difference it made.  The usually reserved and shy demeanors were instantly changed and reflected children filled with joy, without a care in the world.  It’s at that moment that you realize how critical Elevate Recreation is to any program.  It gave those kids a moment to connect with other kids, let their guard down, and just play.”

Venetia Kgabo
Vice President, SoCal Hearts

“Logan can do the work of 5 people alone. He is entertaining and his programming is educational and fun. Logan rocks . . . his alias should be Led Zepplin.”

Rich Banker
Staff, SoCal Hearts

“What’s so wonderful about Logan and what stood out to me is that he had a way of being non-threatening to the kids and they developed this trust very quickly with him. He was able to have fun with them, but also set boundaries and rules and they just gravitated to him.  I also just love that after every big play session or any kind of fun, clever thing he would come up with – he was so creative – he always instilled some sort of life lesson and incorporated how you treat your community and how to play with other kids. It was really cool to see how much they learned from him.”

Valorie Darling
Director of Outreach, SoCal Hearts

“They learned about respect and morals through the activities that he did with them. They waited their turn to play, heard and used ‘yes sir,’ ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ He would say, “if you don’t want to play by the rules, then you can go sit down.” Once they knew they weren’t going to get away with it, they would play by the rules and they actually enjoyed that. Even though they pretended like they didn’t, they would always come back and Logan would always be their best friend.  The kids that we couldn’t get to smile, would smile with him.”

Carlee Avers
President, SoCal Hearts

“They went out of their way to sit and talk to with the staff and they were always challenging us.  It was great to see them work with the kids and you can tell they really love what they do.”

Nichole Miranian
Vice President, SoCal Hearts

“The thing about Elevate Recreation generally and Logan Murphy in particular is that they get “it” done!  What’s “it?” Well that’s having a fundamental and positive impact on the lives of children.  It’s engrained in their DNA, and no matter what obstacles or challenges they face, they just get it done!!”

Vincent Spencer
Seimens Organization, New York